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Reaching A Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

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dj bio“Dr. Jeremiah, your teachings from the book of Revelation have opened my heart to understand that God is following His plans for this World. Your reference to the Book of Daniel about the Kingdom has helped me to believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord. I will worship Him till the end of my life.”

Dr. Jeremiah is a great encourager

Letters like these are typical of the degree of gratitude expressed by listeners to TWR Africa’s English broadcasts, which features popular Bible teacher Dr. David Jeremiah!

Dr. Jeremiah is a great encourager who speaks plainly to the hearts of people. The radio programme, Turning Point, has become one of the most listened to programmes on TWR Africa’s broadcast platforms.

Turning Point works together with broadcasters around the globe, including TWR Africa, to reach, inspire, and equip the body of Christ around the world with the Word of God.

Turning Point’s mission is to deliver the unchanging Word of God to an ever changing world..

Enormous popularity

TWR Africa first aired a Turning Point podcast on the 2nd of January, 1995. What was meant to be a short probation period issued into a complete series of programmes due to its enormous popularity with TWR Africa’s listeners.

Founded by Dr. David Jeremiah in 1982, Turning Point is now aired by 3000 radio stations worldwide, boasting some of the largest listening audiences, reaching millions in Africa through TWR’s satellite, shortwave, medium wave, and also affiliated FM stations’ broadcasts. Turning Point releases 37 381 airing programmes domestically and internationally every week with close to 2 million programmes aired globally each year!

TWR and Turning Point are crossing new frontiers

In 2011 TWR and Turning Point renewed their undertaking to translate, produce, and transmit Dr. Jeremiah's Biblical teachings in Mandarin to reach Asia for Jesus Christ. The first Mandarin sequence, Captured by Grace, began airing on 28 March from TWR's strategically located shortwave facility directed at Asia. Mandarin was chosen as the first expansion of Dr. Jeremiah's international ministry footprint because it is the world's most spoken language. In China alone, 690 million people speak Mandarin!

TWR responds to each listener who reacts to a Turning Point broadcast by standing with that person in prayer, supplying study aids and resources, and guiding them in response to their expressed spiritual needs.

Characters of the Bible

Dr. Jeremiah has taught and encouraged many TWR listeners over the years on issues of faith and Christian lifestyle. He is especially fond of teaching on the charaters of the Bible. From his teachings on Daniel in The Handwriting on the Wall to the exciting Agents of the Apocalypse series, listeners are drawn into the Bible stories in a way that both interest and captures the imagination.

Tune in to TWR

TWR and Turning Point present seekers of the Truth of the Bible with wonderful opportunities to receive and be touched by the Word of God, as presented by the excellent Bible expositors such as David Jeremiah, for free - without any charge!

“Dr. Jeremiah, God bless you for your wonderful messages...” writes another TWR Africa listener, “... I have rededicated my life to serve God.”

You too are welcome to join millions of listeners around the world who do not miss TWR's weekly broadcasts of Turning Point by tuning in via any of the following TWR Africa and affiliated FM broadcast platforms!

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