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Meet James and Lyn Burnett

Posted in Our Staff

0158Fifty years ago, a young James Burnett went with his father to see a presentation by a TWR missionary.  The impact of this encounter sparked an interest in missionary radio in James, giving direction to his future with TWR.

James and Lyn married on 1st May 1982 and started with TWR a month later on 1st June.  They daughter was born while they were at Radio 540, and the two boys while they were in eSwatini. James, as Chief Engineer and Lyn, as hostess to many visitors, responder to DX listener requests and continuity announcer, spent twelve years in Swaziland. 

In 2016, James stepped down as the Technical Director TWR Africa but continues to serve as Technical Project Manager and is enjoying getting back into using his engineering to expand God's Kingdom. Lyn is TWR Women of Hope coordinator for the Eastern Cae, South Africa. 

Meet Gottfried and Verona Schiele

Posted in Our Staff

070Gottfried and Verona Schiele's relationship with TWR began when Verona met Martin Frische, a gentleman seconded to start TWRs German ministry (ERF) in South Africa. Gottfried's first contact with TWR was as a volunteer in the early 1990s.

Gottfried, the TWR-Africa Systems Administrator, has served TWR in this capacity for nearly 17 years first in Swaziland, then in Pretoria and currently in Kempton Park, South Africa. For three years the Schiele family resided in the USA where Gottfried helped design programme software for the mission.

Verona is currently helping TWR in an outreach area, burning CDs and DVDs for TWR-SA. But she is quick to add that most of her time is focused on being a Godly wife, mother and friend for other TWR missionaries.

A Life in Africa, Changed Forever

Posted in Listener Stories

Exciting things are happening in Africa through the Gospel via the ministry of TWR! In this article we go to the beautiful land of Kenya to hear about David and find out how he encountered Jesus and experienced lasting change in his life. This is his story: 

David worked on a farm in Kenya and spent most of the little money he earned on alcohol. One night, while walking on the road in a drunken stupor, he was struck by a car and seriously injured. After the accident David woke up in hospital, fortunate to be alive but found that he was paralysed for life. After months of treatment, he returned home a very bitter man and cursed God for what had happened to him. He heaped verbal abuse on his wife and children until they could take it no longer. In desperation they asked a pastor to visit him, which he did several times - while enduring David's bitter verbal abuse.

But one day the pastor brought a radio with him and tuned it to a TWR programme in Swahili - David's own language. He turned up the volume and put it out of David's reach and left. David had no choice but to listen, and was challenged by the speaker who told of God's love for him, even though he may be walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

The next day David listened again - and then again and again. At last he surrendered to Christ and his life was completely changed! Today he plays his guitar in his church and participates as much as he can. With tears in his eyes, David thanks TWR for its programmes and the change Christ has made in his life.

Because somebody paid for this programme to be aired, David's life has been changed forever. In Romans 1:16, Paul asserts that the gospel is the "power of God for salvation to everyone who believes." It is through the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ that people in Africa are experiencing lasting life change. The best part is that you can take part in transforming people's lives in Africa. Your gift of R100, R200, R500 or whatever the Lord leads you to give, will make it possible for us to broadcast more programmes to East Africa to some 50 million Swahili speakers.

Matthew 16:18 - " ... I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

Published: 26 November 2010