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Letter from Afar Helped Him Hold Fast: A Story of Hope

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Web small Ethiopia NovLanguage: English
Country: Ethiopia

In a desk in an Addis Ababa office sits a 23-year-old letter that changed lives.

The letter belongs to Wakshuma Terefe, and he unfolded it recently and told his story to TWR Ministry Relations Director Joe Fort, who was visiting Ethiopia on business. Today, Wakshuma is head of electronic media for the Ethiopian Evangelical Church’s communication service – a partner of TWR – and the letter is partly responsible for that fact.

Extending the Hand of Friendship Amid Persecution: A Story of Hope

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Web small Egypt Language: Arabic
Country: Egypt

In Egypt it is mandatory for young men to serve in the military for three years. Almost from the start of his service after college, Hussein was drawn to a group of fellow soldiers who were different and had a deep belief in God. They even bore without retaliating the humiliation and persecution from those in charge because of their faith.


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Madon Mangumba-listener with radioBy Patrick Semphere

“In this village, you have a faithful listener. You need to visit him.” These were the words that prompted me to visit Mason Mangumba for the first time at his humble home in Chakachadza Village in Dedza district in Malawi. He had an old rundown radio set with reception that was reduced to a crackle. I promised to replace his radio set and did just that a month later. During my most recent visit, it was clear that he cherishes this link to the word of life.


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Web small AdamMbongiseniTwo years ago, Adam Rozanas asked TWR to let him produce Urban Hour, a weekly hip hop / rap show. His supervisor eventually agreed and gave it a late night time slot, simulcast on TWR-Malawi FM and DStv. God used it to reach hearts and change lives and it will continue thanks to Lebo Borole now that Adam is about to return to his native USA.

Adam met Mbongiseni, a faithful listener, 31 October at TWR’s transmitter site during our 40th anniversary celebrations in Swaziland. They are young men about the same age and Mbongiseni has been working at the TWR site this past year. His father has also worked there many years.

CDs for Africa!

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Web Size Template AdamCDs

In the 40 days before the 40th anniversary of our first broadcast to Africa from Swaziland, TWR invited our listeners to embark with us on a special journey. We looked back at memories and highlights over the past four decades.  We wanted our listeners to join in the celebration since they are such an integral part of our ministry.