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What Matters is the Life I have Now

Posted in Listener Stories

0107A young man in Ethiopia recently sent us a letter testifying that God's love can reach beyond both physical and spiritual bars. He writes:

"I am 27 years old and am writing this letter to share my experiences and testify to the changes that took place in my life while I was confined in a prison.

A Blessing for my Soul

Posted in Listener Stories

0105"I praise God who enabled me to give my testimony for the new life and new way I am experiencing," writes a listener from Eritrea.

"I was brought up in a God-fearing family and learned Christian manners and ethics in my early childhood, but in my teenage years I was totally lost. Like the Prodigal Son mentioned in the Bible, I was immersed in all immoral and evil things: getting drunk; committing adultery; smoking; fighting; mocking and disrespecting old people, and so on. The list could be much longer. But doing these things was not giving me any satisfaction.

God Answers the Prayers of Africa's Women

Posted in Listener Stories

God Answers the Prayers of Africa's Women

P129-D033wIn many cultures, women and girls live in hopelessness because they are told they are of little worth and are a burden to their families. They have never been told that the Creator of the Universe cares about them, wants to hear their prayers and loves to answer them.

Project Hannah, TWR's ministry for women, embraces prayer as a key element of its vision. Throughout the year approximately 40,000 intercessors are praying in 70 languages using the Project Hannah daily prayer calendar. During October and early November each year a special focus on 'Thanksgiving Prayer' lifts everyone's heart. The praises arriving throughout the 40-day prayer and fasting season give testimony to God's faithful care for women across Africa.

Meet James and Lyn Burnett

Posted in Our Staff

0158Fifty years ago, a young James Burnett went with his father to see a presentation by a TWR missionary.  The impact of this encounter sparked an interest in missionary radio in James, giving direction to his future with TWR.

James and Lyn married on 1st May 1982 and started with TWR a month later on 1st June.  They daughter was born while they were at Radio 540, and the two boys while they were in eSwatini. James, as Chief Engineer and Lyn, as hostess to many visitors, responder to DX listener requests and continuity announcer, spent twelve years in Swaziland. 

In 2016, James stepped down as the Technical Director TWR Africa but continues to serve as Technical Project Manager and is enjoying getting back into using his engineering to expand God's Kingdom. Lyn is TWR Women of Hope coordinator for the Eastern Cae, South Africa. 

Meet Gottfried and Verona Schiele

Posted in Our Staff

070Gottfried and Verona Schiele's relationship with TWR began when Verona met Martin Frische, a gentleman seconded to start TWRs German ministry (ERF) in South Africa. Gottfried's first contact with TWR was as a volunteer in the early 1990s.

Gottfried, the TWR-Africa Systems Administrator, has served TWR in this capacity for nearly 17 years first in Swaziland, then in Pretoria and currently in Kempton Park, South Africa. For three years the Schiele family resided in the USA where Gottfried helped design programme software for the mission.

Verona is currently helping TWR in an outreach area, burning CDs and DVDs for TWR-SA. But she is quick to add that most of her time is focused on being a Godly wife, mother and friend for other TWR missionaries.