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New TWR Outreach Brings Gospel to Pygmy Villages

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Picture4b“The Pygmies are just waiting for us to bring the Word of God,” Pastor Anath Ndoukou said as he prepared to bring gospel programs to villages in northern Gabon. “They cannot do this job alone.”

The fall 2021 trip undertaken by Ndoukou’s team to distribute 200 radio players was part of a brand-new outreach, the first TWR ministry to the Pygmies of the Central African rainforest. Known far and wide for their short stature and masterful knowledge of the forest, Pygmies today struggle against discrimination, social exclusion, loss of their traditional lifestyle and sometimes abuse.

“Abandoned and rejected by the national government and society in the areas of health and education, they need to hear that there is a loving God who cares for them and longs to make them part of his family,” said Ndoukou, TWR’s coordinator for Central Africa ministry. 


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By Bulelwa Mokori

Dr Rev Abdoulaye Sangho, TWR Area Ministry Director for West Africa was born and raised by a Muslim family in the Timbuktu region, Mali, a landlocked Muslim country dominated by the Sahara Desert, where no other religion than Islam has been known for many generations, albeit tinged with African traditionalism and animism.

Abdoulaye lost his parents and grandparents by the time he was ten years old. Missionaries reached out to him in love during this difficult time and demonstrated to him what a Christ-centred life looked like. As a result of their influence, Abdoulaye gave his life to Christ and learned to walk with the Lord as he grew up. His first contact with a Christian was during dental care. “I was still a teenager. I had two molars with cavities. I had trouble sleeping and needed to see a dentist as soon as possible,” he recalls. The town’s dentist, who also happened to be a missionary and an American Baptist minister, lived in the town for over ten years. He was very kind and spoke the local language, Songhai. After the treatment, he gave Abdoulaye Christian booklets and Bible magazines. Abdoulaye enjoyed the reading, but was also touched by the special attention of this missionary and his wife. “From this reading, I came to the conviction that I had to give my life to Jesus, the Saviour of humanity.” 

The horn of praise is blown

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By Bulelwa Mokori

Sounds of ululation and joy filled the atmosphere during the National Prayer Conference in celebration of the TWR Women of Hope Tanzania eleventh year anniversary. The conference was held from September 12-16. “It is indeed a milestone of bringing messages of hope to the people, a big achievement in itself, and it has made a big impact in Tanzania,” says Joyce Malima, TWR Women of Hope Tanzania National Coordinator. She said the meeting was organised in collaboration with TWR Women of Hope and the Christian Council of Churches in Tanzania.

Prayer groups, intercessors, the TWR Women of Hope ministry team, and people at large were abuzz. They sang and cheered together celebrating the way God has blessed and used the women’s ministry in Tanzania since its inauguration in 2010. “It has been 11 years of a journey, working faithfully on the ground to minister to so many in Tanzania, with hearts of compassion for women,” said Joyce.

Nguni Language Broadcasts

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By Rafael Oliveira

Broadcasting to indigenous Southern Africans in their native languages, the TWR Nguni language ministry aims to create disciple-making movements throughout Southern Africa among its widespread audience who speak or understand any of the Southern Africa Nguni languages such as isiZulu, isiXhosa, Ndebele, Siswati and Ndebele. By airing programmes centred around biblical and leadership training, the ministry is able to enhance its listeners’ sphere of influence and bring them the Gospel within their cultural context.

The Nguni consists of ethnic groups originating in different parts of Southern Africa, including South Africa, Eswatini, and Zimbabwe. 

God Knows Our Needs – TWR Radio Distribution in Benin

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By Jon Hill

Five hundred solar- and battery-operated portable radios distributed across Benin sparked several conversations and a surprising partnership in the months of May and June. The distribution was made possible with the help of U.S. Christian radio stations and their listeners who generously gave to on-air 'Africa Needs Jesus' campaigns.

TWR national partner Media Evangélique du Bénin (MEB) worked with pastors, station managers and other local leaders to identify people to receive the radios. A wide range of believers and nonbelievers in several cities received radios, including listener groups of TWR programming, members of Women of Hope prayer groups, military service members, pastors who partner with MEB and even people from other religiious groups.