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“I hated God”

Posted in Listener Stories

P2010 07C 023TWR Country Focus: Uganda

A young man in Uganda recently wrote to us, sharing (in part):

“I reached a point of burning any script that had the word of God. I hated myself and my life, and with time, lost meaning of existence. I remember on several occasions I attempted suicide because the world was meaningless to me.

TWR WATS celebrates ten years of radio ministry

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P2006 01A 1641 February 2008, 4 am – the first broadcast of the Gospel of Jesus beamed from the newly built TWR Transmitter Station in West Africa! After many years of prayer, negotiation, opposition, sweat and tears, the dream of the late Rev. Stephen Boakye-Yiadom, TWR International Director of Africa at the time, to broadcast across the West African region, finally became a reality.

On 1 February 2018, TWR West Africa Transmitter Station (WATS) celebrates ten years of reaching across barriers of darkness, fear and hopelessness in the West African region by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, bringing hope and providing spiritual guidance to the people in this region.To date, through its relevant, culturally sensitive programs, the transmitter continues to bring hope to the seeker, encouragement to the new believer, and training for the seasoned Christian.

Let my people think

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Dr Ravi ZachariasFor more information on RZIM Ministires, go to http://rzim.org/

"Jesus, if you are the one that gives life as meant to be, I want it. Please get me out of this hospital bed well, and I promise I will leave no stone unturned in my pursuit of truth."

This was the heartfelt prayer of Dr. Ravi Zacharias at the age of 17 from a suicidal bed after a local Christian member instructed his mother to read John 14 to him from the Bible. Yet it was John 14:19b that spoke volumes to his teenage heart. Nine years he later graduated at Ontario Bible College. He earned a Master's degree of Divinity from Trinity International University in Deerfield Illinois. Since then, he has been honoured with no less than six conferring doctoral degrees.

The ‘Okay’ from God

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Ingrid HeinzemaierWritten by Ingrid Heizelmaier

When I was 16, doing a good deed every day was just part of being a good girl-scout. Along with it also came the bad conscience… if, once again, I did not manage to do such a good deed that day. The good deed, however, never seemed to make up for what was going wrong in my life. And I asked myself: How on earth will I ever get an ‘okay’ from God? Later on, while driving on the highway, fear strangled me. What if this car would now smash into the concrete wall? I wasn’t prepared to meet the One who had created me. All in all, my belief as a teenager was a mix of thinking about things and just trying to do my best.

Reaching A Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

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dj bio“Dr. Jeremiah, your teachings from the book of Revelation have opened my heart to understand that God is following His plans for this World. Your reference to the Book of Daniel about the Kingdom has helped me to believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord. I will worship Him till the end of my life.”

Dr. Jeremiah is a great encourager

Letters like these are typical of the degree of gratitude expressed by listeners to TWR Africa’s English broadcasts, which features popular Bible teacher Dr. David Jeremiah!