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The Lord Won’t Drop You - A Listener Story

Posted in Listener Stories

Czech-Republic-smallTWR Country Focus: Czech Republic

A Czech believer has found immense comfort in hearing TWR’s broadcasts.

She wrote a letter to a local station saying, “Yesterday, when I listened to your program, I could feel the Lord talking to me. I went through different difficulties, and sometimes there is doubt: What if the Lord just drops me?”


NGU Interviews Missionary Families: Tobi & Britta Pfeiffer

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Shining the Light on Kabylia - A Listener Story

Posted in Listener Stories

North-Africa-smallTWR Country Focus: North Africa

Radio is crucial in reaching North Africans with the gospel. TWR began broadcasting into North Africa in 1965, and today a powerful medium-wave transmitter carries God’s Word into the region.

A Kabyle Berber woman wrote TWR to tell her enthusiastic story of discovering the gospel by way of the airwaves. “Hello, dear servants of God, I am your sister in Christ,” she wrote, adding, “Thank God I found the true path to follow to return to my creator for eternity.”

NGU Interviews Missionary Families: Marinus & Hestie Geyser

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Christ’s Words Saved His Life - A Listener Story

Posted in Listener Stories

Armenia-smallTWR Country Focus: Armenia

Eric was planning to kill himself when he heard some life-changing words over the radio while visiting his aunt.

He heard the commentator say, "For without me you can do nothing," Jesus' words from John 15:5. Eric (not his real name) was astonished.

He listened to the rest of the words: "I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in me, and I in him, bears much fruit."