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NGU Intern's Overview On Their Trip to Africa

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Finding God Far From Civilization - A Listener Story

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ColombiaTWR Country Focus: Colombia

I’m a professional soldier of my country, Colombia. I’m in my eighth year.

Some of us like to have a radio to listen to the music. … One night I was flipping through the AM dial, since that is when you can pick up the signal in the jungles. I picked up the signal of stations in the capital and heard that they were talking about the Apocalypse on Thru the Bible. … Every night, even though it was difficult, I tried to listen. And two nights later, I received Jesus Christ as my saviour.

NGU Interviews Missionary Families: Greg & Ingrid Clarke

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The Choice: Misery or Trust in God - A Listener Story

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Bulgaria1TWR Country Focus: Bulgaria

Despite receiving Christ at an early age, this Bulgarian man didn’t feel that his spiritual journey made sense until he was in his 40s. He wrote to Studio 865, TWR’s Bulgarian partner, which produces radio programs in Bulgarian and Balkan Romani. It also has TV and Internet ministries.

The majority of those years I thought I was living for God when I was really living for myself.

A Helper amid the Trials - A Listener Story

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BELARUS A-Helper-amid-the-trialsTWR Country Focus: Belarus

Thank you so much for your ministry, for all the advice, encouragement, talks and assistance.

I find myself in an unusual situation, but I still would like to encourage those who are elderly and find their lives to be difficult. TWR has entered my life in a big way. I wake up at 6 in the morning and switch on the repeat of your Christian programs. The radio is with me in my kitchen.