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Please Send More Good News!

Posted in Listener Stories

Please send more good news EgyptTWR Country Focus: Egypt

When you discover something really special, you often feel like you can’t get enough of it. 

That’s what happened with one of our Egyptian listeners, who discovered the greatest thing of all – the news that God sent his Son to redeem each one of us – while listening to TWR broadcasts. 

The listener sent TWR’s response team a brief message in praise of the program Leading the Way, featuring the teaching of Dr. Michael Youssef, who also happens to be a native of Egypt. 

Blessings All Around

Posted in Listener Stories

Philiippines SmallTWR Country Focus: Philippines

TWR Philippines eloquently shares about the reciprocal blessings experienced by many of our national partners around the world.

It is not uncommon for us to receive messages from listeners thanking us for the programme and telling us how blessed they were by what they heard. Upon getting to know them better, it always turns out that we are the ones more blessed to have heard from them.

Such is true of our encounter with J.P., an avid listener of the Tagalog version of In Touch, Bigkis ng Katotohanan.

A Welcome Blessing

Posted in Listener Stories

Cuba A Welcome Blessing smallTWR Country Focus: Cuba

The prayers and well wishes of supporters and listeners of TWR broadcasts not only are warmly welcomed by staff and volunteers but also are indispensable to the ministry’s effectiveness.

This brief message from a woman in Cuba touched hearts and encouraged TWR workers as they take gospel around the world.

"I am a housewife and I love to listen to the station and particularly your programme. … I encountered RTM when I was 8 years old. 

Hope Trumps Hopelessness

Posted in Listener Stories

Thailand Hope from hopelessness smallTWR Country Focus: Thailand

When a statistic about suicide rates in a Thailand province weighed heavy on his heart, this man took to the airwaves to try to do something about it.

Here’s his story:

"In the past, I heard that a nearby province had the highest percentage of people committing suicide for two years in a row. I wondered why this small province, which has kind and friendly people with good concern for others and not much pressure, should have so many people committing suicide.

Wise Words From a Young Source

Posted in Listener Stories

Nepal Wise words from a young source smallTWR Country Focus: Nepal

"I am 9 years old. All of my family members are Christians, and my parents are pastors in my village church. I used to be very proud and greedy. I didn’t obey my parents or respect the elderly. My experience in Sunday school was bad as I was always bullied. Since then, I refused to attend Sunday school. But God had a wonderful plan for me.

"One day, a friend from Sunday school introduced me to the programme Balbatika, and she encouraged me to listen to it. But I paid her no attention. However, about four months later, I met one of the TWR Nepal staff members, who motivated me to listen to the radio programme, highlighting its advantages to me. At that very moment, I was touched by her words and started listening from that day onward.