Technical Information

The Transmitter Hall in Swaziland

Trans World Radio-Africa has a technical team of about 12 people. These people work in the areas of transmitter operation and maintenance, audio recording and playout, and studio and information technology. TWR broadcasts from various transmitter sites in Africa including TWR Swaziland and the Middle East on short wave, and TWR West Africa on medium wave (AM). In addition, TWR broadcasts programmes via several TWR partner FM radio networks, and two satellite channels that offer direct-to-home services to various parts of the continent.

To support this network of transmitters in Africa, TWR has recording studios in ten different countries and a playout centre located in Kempton Park, South Africa.

How can you help?

TWR has relied on short wave listeners to monitor the broadcasts, ensuring they reach the intended audience. You can help us by becoming a short wave radio monitor. For more information contact us.

We have also included a technical support section which you can browse using the menu below.  It will assist you with information such as how to improve your reception. Please check this site from time to time for more technical information.


The TWR Transmitter Building

 The TWR Swaziland Transmitter building.

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