Medium Wave

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 Medium wave (also known as AM) is the broadcast band covering the frequencies from 531 kilohertz to 1605 kilohertz. On many radios it is marked as AM on the radio dial.



How to best tune into Medium Wave (AM)?

Medium wave radios have a ferrite rod inside them that is  its receiving antenna for the AM Band.


ferrite rod


 These ferrite rod antennas are directional, so the orientation of your MW radio is important in order to pick up a good signal. So, when trying to receive a MW radio station always try the radio in different parts of the room or the house to see where the reception is best.


In Southern Africa TWR broadcasts on 1170 kHz. 

In West Africa TWR in on 1566 kHz. and 1476 kHz.


TWR broadcasts during the evening hours to Southern Africa and in the early

morning and evenings to West Africa .


The old Contintental Electronics, type 317-C,  50 Kilowatt Medium Wave Transmitter, was moved from it position in 2015 to make way for a Transradio 100 Kw TRAM 100 Transmitter. The TRAM 100 was installed in Swaziland in March 2016.

This CE 50 KW Transmitter was factory tested in April 1966 and came off a pirate radio station in the English Channel in the late 60's. It was bought by TWR in 1973 and shipped to Manzini. It went on the air on 1170KHz in March of 1981.


2007.09.27 023

TWR Swaziland  1170 KHz...

 This Continental Electronics 50kW Transmitter was removed from service in 2015 to make way for the TRAM 100

Below is a picture of the TRAM 100 installation team:

The installation team