Worship ConneXion

TWR Africa's Live Radio Show wiTh Worship Music, Christian Conversation and News

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Mondays to Fridays 1 PM/13:00 (Central African Time)

Listening Platforms

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New Life Africa Satelight Network

You can listen to the show by satellite radio:
Frequency: 12565, Polarity: Vertical, Audio PID: 6021,
Channel Name: New Life Africa Satellite Network


TWR Africa

DSTV channel 855
TWR360 App on Android and Apple



Worship ConneXion produced here in Africa, airs five days a week on the New Life Africa Satellite Network (NLASN) as well as on TWR Africa. This program is a renamed extension of 100% Worship and now extends to more of Africa.

A listener from Malawi suggested the new title. “He said Worship Connection sounds great, and it resonates well since through worship we connect with God. We find peace and hope. Another reason that this name would be perfect for the program is that we get to hear the Word of God expressed through different topics from the presenters. And the listeners get an opportunity to engage in those topics while worshiping and connecting with God and with each other.”



our Partnership

This partnership lets us connect more of Africa in Worship. 

For Information about New Life Africa Sattelite Network visit their website. 


Meet our Presenters








Contact Information

Find the Worship ConneXion Team on Facebook @TWRAfrica during the live show. 

Our dedicated Worship ConneXion Whatsapp Number: +27 76 669 5049