I Stole Someone's Husband

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0109A woman in Mozambique shares how a Project Hannah prayer group changed her life:

"I am 45 years old. When I was 18 years old I had my son, but my husband did not want to stay with us. I do not have the same financial problems as my sisters in this group. I have a good job. I've been a teacher since I was 23. I did something very bad, though, which destroyed someone's family. I stole someone's husband.

Everything was going right. We used to travel a lot. My son had everything he needed; a good school, good clothes. But my family did not like what I was doing. They said I was so young and I should look for a husband. But I was blind because of this man's money. We lived like that for 15 years.

When we became older we started thinking about our life and our future. We saw things differently. It was then that I decided to leave him. It was difficult for me. My sister-in-law encouraged me to try my best to leave him happy with his family. But he did not accept this. Instead, he took everything he had bought me including our house.

I had to go and live with my sister-in-law. I knew about Project Hannah because this group came to pray with her. My sister-in-law did not call me to attend the prayer times. She knew I didn't like church. But I listened. People were crying. The thing that I could not forget was when I heard two of the members crying because someone took their husbands.

I realised how bad I was. I caused suffering for another woman and her children. In that moment I said, 'You are not going back to him! No matter what things you may suffer.' It was an important decision in my life. I decided to come out to see the prayer group. I do not know why. I started praying with them to get out of the situation in which I was living.

From then on I became part of the prayer group. In fact, I have been able to rent a house. My son's father decided to give me the house but I did not accept. I put it up for rent because I know he has the keys to that house. He could enter at any time he wanted.

I am not that active in the group as I am sometimes busy. But I am in the spirit of the prayer group. I always pray. That's why today I give this testimony. This is the second year that I feel I have succeeded. I am saved. Thank you."