God Answers the Prayers of Africa's Women

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God Answers the Prayers of Africa's Women

P129-D033wIn many cultures, women and girls live in hopelessness because they are told they are of little worth and are a burden to their families. They have never been told that the Creator of the Universe cares about them, wants to hear their prayers and loves to answer them.

Project Hannah, TWR's ministry for women, embraces prayer as a key element of its vision. Throughout the year approximately 40,000 intercessors are praying in 70 languages using the Project Hannah daily prayer calendar. During October and early November each year a special focus on 'Thanksgiving Prayer' lifts everyone's heart. The praises arriving throughout the 40-day prayer and fasting season give testimony to God's faithful care for women across Africa.

This year has been no different – God faithfully answered the cries of the women taking part in the 'Thanksgiving Prayer' season. Here are a few of the encouraging reports received from the different participating nations:

Côte d'Ivoire "My husband is in jail and as a result lost his work. He was accused of robbery. He was condemned to spend 20 years in prison. I was invited to take part in Project Hannah prayer activities. God performed a miracle; my husband was released after 6 months of imprisonment."

Kenya – TWR Kenya praises God for the women who have joined the Project Hannah prayer groups for their first time during 2012's 40-day season.

Liberia – Thirty-two women of prayer committed themselves to fasting and praying for the 40-day event. As a result, the ELWA (radio station) fence that had been broken was rebuilt, a Liberia Cancer Society has been founded, and a "Centre of Hope for Women" has been established to treat cancer.

Namibia – The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (State radio in Namibia) has agreed to air the Women of Hope programmes produced in four Namibian languages, for free.

South Africa – "We thank God for answering Mary's prayer. She lost her job during this season of fasting and praying. We prayed for her and she now has a new job, which started on 1 November."

Tanzania – "A group of women from an evangelical church in Arusha wanted to know more about Project Hannah Tanzania. This is a result of the 40 days of prayer and fasting. Praise God for this opportunity."

Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord! (Psalm 150:6)

For more information about Project Hannah in Africa, including a link to download the daily prayer calendar in 11 languages of Africa, please go to: www.phafrica.org.


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