You Changed my Life!

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You Changed my Life!

 MG 1840w"As the agent of Jesus, you changed my life!" says a listener to TWR from East Africa describing his life today. But things were very different 23 years ago.

In 1989 Wakshuma was a youth living in a communist-governed country. "Life was very difficult for me," says Wakshuma. "My mother was very poor and couldn't care for me. My father had died."

Into this setting he found comfort and encouragement from TWR radio broadcasts and the letters received by a TWR missionary in the listener response department. "The letters changed the course of my life. The letters encouraged me to follow Jesus," Wakshuma says as he found comfort reading the Bible and Bible study materials sent to him by TWR.


In those days, the communist directive of his country dictated that people could not be Christian. Churches were blocked off and people forbidden to attend. Wakshuma recalls the day of his most difficult persecution. "I was very young. They forced me to walk, on my knees, over rough gravel. My knees were cut and bleeding and I was in tears. But I went home and listened to the TWR programmes and was encouraged."
This was a critical time in Wakshuma's life...a turning point.

Today, Wakshuma is the director for the electronic media division of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church's communication service – a partner of TWR – which is producing 14 TWR programmes in several languages!

What a testimony from a listener to TWR! What a transformation! What a responsibility TWR holds as we Reach and Disciple believers in Africa.

TWR is impacting men and women, youth and children across Africa daily, over FM, medium wave or short wave radios, through cell phones and web site hits. The number of text messages, phone calls and visits from listeners is as varied as the peoples of Africa.

But each individual listener plays a vital role in God's plan and purpose. May each of us close this day echoing the words of Wakshuma, "So now I am here serving God!"



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