Listen to My Words – A Story of Hope

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Web small NAfrica2Language: Berber Kabyle
Region: North Africa

I am your faithful listener. Listen to my history.

I was the only daughter of my parents. They spoiled me too much, to the point where I became nasty and intolerable, although I exercised the traditional faith of my country in depth. My mother said to me that I did not deserve my name – Fetta – which means silver. She said, “My girl, your behavior is not bright like Fetta. It is time to change your behavior.” I cried during the night when I tried to sleep...

 The next day, I told my misery to a friend who frequently attends a house church in Algiers. She told me to call to Jesus when I cry and to say, “My Lord, come into my life. I am miserable. Please come to my aid.” So I prayed.

During the night, I had a dream as clear as a sunny day. I was walking in the street, where I met a beautifully dressed merchant. I stopped to look. I said to myself: Why stop here to look? I do not have any money to buy anything.

The merchant surprised me when he said, “Why do you say in your heart that you don’t have any money to pay?” I was frightened, as he had heard what I said in my heart. Then, he took a roll of white silk fabric and draped it around me. Suddenly, I saw myself clothed in a white silk dress. He told me, “Listen to my words, and you will live.” And then I woke up.

It is only afterward that I realized it was Jesus who had answered my prayer and was revealed to me. Since then, I do not stop listening to Jesus’ words on TWR. Jesus changed me. Since then everyone has told me that now I am brilliant and deserve to wear the name Fetta. Now five people in my family have joined me in the way of Jesus.

God bless you and bless your programs!