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Madon Mangumba-listener with radioBy Patrick Semphere

“In this village, you have a faithful listener. You need to visit him.” These were the words that prompted me to visit Mason Mangumba for the first time at his humble home in Chakachadza Village in Dedza district in Malawi. He had an old rundown radio set with reception that was reduced to a crackle. I promised to replace his radio set and did just that a month later. During my most recent visit, it was clear that he cherishes this link to the word of life.

 The radio is still in very good working condition—five years down the road. I knew he would be home, because at age 89, he is unable to walk to church. He met me with his usual smile, carrying his faithful companion – a portable radio.Mr Mangumba has been listening to TWR since 2003. For the past five years, I’ve visited him at least twice a year and every time hear these familiar words: “TWR is my favourite station. Thank you for buying me this radio set.”

“I open my radio at six in the morning and it keeps me company until I go to sleep at night”, enthused Mr Mangumba, citing Tisanthule Baibulo (the Chewa language version of Thru The Bible) as his favourite program.

“I love TWR because of its straightforward teaching of the Word”, he added. “The Word encourages me when I am worried; it gives me courage when I am afraid and points me to Jesus.”

“When I listen to TWR and am blessed by its messages, I remember to pray for all the workers at TWR,” he concluded as he held his radio listening to his favourite programme.