A People Not Forgotten

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A people not forgotten Vietnam SmallTWR Country Focus: Vietnam

Tucked away in the south-central coast of Vietnam is a small and solitary village where the Cham people live.

“[It] would be unnoticeable if God did not send someone to preach and to care for them,” said Danh, a listener of TWR’s Mini Bible College programme.

The Cham kingdom has reduced dramatically over the years, and according to the Joshua Project’s website, there are only approximately 85,000 Cham people in the world today, most of whom reside in Vietnam. 

Poverty is widespread, the people living in mud houses with no electricity or water supply and dependent on agriculture and fishing.

Only 5 percent of the Cham people are Christians, the Joshua Project reports.

But God has not forgotten them. He sends people like Danh, who leads a group of 36 Cham people. The group meets regularly to listen to the Word of God.

I put my full strength into caring for the spiritual lives of those people,” Danh said. “I long for God’s replenishment in everything that I do because I realize my weakness in leadership though I have been a believer for eight years.”

Besides reaching out to the people of Vietnam, TWR programmes also equip local pastors and group leaders like Danh with Bible knowledge to help with their ministry to different ethnic groups, such as the Cham people.

“I like to listen to Mini Bible College because it helps me obtain more knowledge of the Bible,” he said. “In this way, I can understand God better, be urged into serving the Lord more and now I patiently wait for his will. I sincerely thank TWR for their hard work in helping people like me.”

Did You Know?

As there is only one Bible college recognized by the authorities, many pastors and church leaders in remote parts of Vietnam tune into TWR programmes Thru the Bible and Mini Bible College to help as they prepare sermons.

I have very poor vision, so it is very hard for me to read. I share with them about this program and encourage them to listen or ask [TWR] for CDs or DVDs. Thank you very much for this ministry! God bless you!