Gospel Broadcasts Are a Part of Me

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Croatia Gospel Broadcasts are part of me smallTWR Country Focus: Croatia

It never fails to amaze and warm the hearts of TWR staff members to hear from listeners who have shared much of their lives with our radio ministry. On a personal basis, many of these brothers and sisters know the six decades of TWR history better than we do!

This message comes from one of those longtime listeners in Croatia – a woman who remembers tuning in to the broadcasts of Josip Horak during the Cold War. Those programmes of Horak, a professor, economist and pastor in Yugoslavia, were broadcast from the TWR station in Monaco.

"Loved ones in the Lord, here is a short message by way of modern technology, although I am more in favour of writing, because a letter can be read many times even after the electronic ones are gone.

Yes, I listen to the Word of the Lord, which you broadcast every evening, and I listened many years ago by way of TWR Monaco when now deceased brother J. Horak spoke. All of those broadcasts, I must say, are a part of me.

"May I please request of you a new Bible, the Old and New Testaments, which you offer on your broadcasts, because mine is already worn out. I like to read books – but slower than I used to read, and for a long time now, my literature is spiritual in nature.

"I have been a Christian for many years. I was baptized in 1969. In the course of my life, I have had spiritual failings, but I am thankful that the Lord is faithful and does not leave us or forsake us.

"At the end of my message I wish God's full blessing to you and your listeners. I wish this for the whole team, which makes every effort that the Word of the Lord comes to our homes and hearts.

"Greetings from your sister in Christ."

Facts About Croatia:

  • Croatia is a crescent-shaped country between the Danube River and Adriatic Sea.
  • A once-solid economy was undermined by mismanagement and a war with Serbia. Recovery is still in progress.
  • TWR’s national partner in Croatia, Val Evanđelja (Gospel Wave), was founded in 2000, and its ministry encompasses media outreach