A Power Far Greater Than the Occult

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Indonesia A Power Far Greater Than the Occult smallTWR Country Focus: Indonesia

Bali, an island rich in culture, is a place where its people follow their religious ceremonies with high enthusiasm. Many believe in occult teachings, which use rituals to release the spirit from the body into the sky to meet the gods.

Yati, a 36-year-old woman, was deeply steeped in the occult. She would have many mystical rituals performed on her. One curse remained, however: Every baby she gave birth to died. Everyone in her village believed that it was not a physical condition but an attack by an evil spirit.

This was not her first encounter with such spirits. Her brother died while practicing occult rituals. Fear struck her, and Yati decided to move to another village with her family in hopes of escaping the evils that had befallen her.

In the West Bali village where Yati settled, she had the opportunity to tune in to TWR radio broadcasts. Her life started to change. She learned through the programmes that the true and living God was not happy with occult practices.

She also learned that there would be consequences when dealing with such beliefs. As these biblical facts were presented through the radio programmes, she gradually came to understand the blessings people have when they commit their lives to Jesus Christ.

Her faith began to grow.

The evil spirits continued to torment her, she said, this time possessing her son. With her newfound understanding of God’s power, she began praying for her son and even rallied the prayers of other believers. God was faithful and delivered her son of all influences of the evil spirit. This encouraged her even more, and her faith became stronger.

Today, Yati goes to church regularly and believes in the power of God’s Word.

“The Word of God has opened my heart to realize what a bad person I was,” she said. “I know the devil can destroy lives, but I am not afraid anymore. I am now a child of God, and I believe God has a plan to save my husband also.”

Did You Know?

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