Calling on the Name of Jesus

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Iraq calling on the name of Jesus smallTWR Country Focus: Iraq

In her culture, Jesus is known by a different name and not by the full story revealed in the Bible. But that didn’t prevent this Iraqi woman from calling on him when adversity slammed into her life.

"I was trying to understand the words I just heard about Isa – or as you call him, Jesus. It’s the first time I heard such words about him.

"I’m [from a different religious background], but I always felt that Christ is special to me. I even sometimes sneaked into a church and prayed for me and my family..

"One day I was suffering because of the person I love, who abuses me verbally and emotionally and in different ways I cannot talk about now. I knelt down and cried out to Jesus, asking him to rescue me from my pains, because I heard through your programme that he saves!

"I did that, and now I’ve decided to break up with the one I love because I felt peace from Jesus in my heart about it and he encouraged me to do that.

"I don’t know Jesus, but I know that he saves!!! Help me to know him personally, please!"

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