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TWR Philippines eloquently shares about the reciprocal blessings experienced by many of our national partners around the world.

It is not uncommon for us to receive messages from listeners thanking us for the programme and telling us how blessed they were by what they heard. Upon getting to know them better, it always turns out that we are the ones more blessed to have heard from them.

Such is true of our encounter with J.P., an avid listener of the Tagalog version of In Touch, Bigkis ng Katotohanan.

His first simple message to us read, "Pastor, can I request a copy of the lessons you are teaching in Bigkis ng Katotohanan? They are really blessing me so much that I want to hear them again and again!"

As we corresponded further, we got to know J.P. and his personal struggles. Since 2006, he said, he has suffered from recurrent pain and swelling on his back due to weak lungs. Added to that, he is experiencing relationship problems with his in-laws, who belittle his capacity to better the condition of his family.

He also asked us to pray that he'd be able to find and see his parents, who had separated when he was still a kid. And very recently, he was faced with another possible setback.

"Pastor, please pray for my source of income,” he said. “By September, the pedicab that I use right now will be taken over by the son of the owner."

In spite of these circumstances, J.P. never loses hope. He tries his best and believes that with our prayer for him and the comfort and encouragement he finds in our programme, the Lord will see him through.

Listeners like J.P. prompt us to give thanks for the Lord’s promise that his grace will be sufficient for those who are hurting and struggling. And because of this same grace, we are grateful for the opportunity to know a listener like J.P. We are blessed!

Did You Know?

The largest nation in South TWR Philippines’ ministry began more than 10 years ago, translating Women of Hope into Tagalog.

TWR Philippines’ ministry began more than 10 years ago, translating Women of Hope into Tagalog.