Please Send More Good News!

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Please send more good news EgyptTWR Country Focus: Egypt

When you discover something really special, you often feel like you can’t get enough of it. 

That’s what happened with one of our Egyptian listeners, who discovered the greatest thing of all – the news that God sent his Son to redeem each one of us – while listening to TWR broadcasts. 

The listener sent TWR’s response team a brief message in praise of the program Leading the Way, featuring the teaching of Dr. Michael Youssef, who also happens to be a native of Egypt. 

"Can you broadcast more through the week?

"I’ll tell you why. My heart is being nourished along with my soul when I hear the words that are said through your episodes. Ok, I’m not a Christian, but I love Christ and want more of him. 

"Please consider."

Did You Know?

Christians made up the majority of Egypt’s population for hundreds of years, a state of affairs that continued for some time after Muslim Arabs first conquered the ancient land, according to the Operation World handbook and prayer guide. Today roughly 10 percent or more of the population is Christian, most belonging to the Coptic Church.

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