From practically useless to radically saved

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P2010 07C 024My name is Mark and I live in Burundi. I was a great sinner, you could say that I was a slave to alcohol.

With no positives teaching, input or guidance I went through life in a most undisciplined fashion. To put it bluntly, I was really a bad man lost to all of society and practically useless to my family.

I praise God for TWR's Thru The Bible programme (TTB) which around that time reached my ears and touched me deeply. Throught it I discovered that I was in death and came to the decision where I received Jesus Christ into my life to change me completely. 

Today, as a man who carries about the peace of God in my heart, I am a gospel singer in church. Furthermore, I have cause to prase over a Bible I received from a delegation from TWR Burundi who came to my town to distribute some Bibles. I consider myself fortunate to be among the beneficiaries because I did not have the means to buy one.

Now, whenever I hear the Word of God preached through your programme, I follow the teaching by reading along from my very own Bible. It helps me so much!

 Please continue to do whatever you can to spread the Word, to hand out Bibles. In my community people are quite poor and need to receive the Word God.

"Thy word is a lamb unto my feet, and a light unto my path" - psalm 119: 105

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