“I hated God”

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P2010 07C 023TWR Country Focus: Uganda

A young man in Uganda recently wrote to us, sharing (in part):

“I reached a point of burning any script that had the word of God. I hated myself and my life, and with time, lost meaning of existence. I remember on several occasions I attempted suicide because the world was meaningless to me.

It was heading nowhere so the best was to terminate my life. But one day, I tuned in to a local radio station broadcasting TWR programmes and happened to listen to a teaching. The first time I wasn't moved at all. With time I started picking up interest. As I write to you now, I feel I shouldn't miss any of the preaching.”

Highlighting the life transforming power of radio on this World Radio Day, UN Secretary General António Guterres says: "In an era of dramatic advances in communications, radio retains its power to entertain, educate, inform and inspire. Radio reaches the widest audience in the world! It can unite and empower communities and give voice to the marginalized."

Since 1954, and now in 230 languages to over 190 countries, TWR has used radio, the most affordable mass media platform per person reached, to reach the world for Christ so that LASTING FRUIT is produced!

We give God all glory and thanks that TWR reached that young man in Uganda with the good news of Jesus Christ and that he now lives to serve Christ.

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