I Forgave My Parents

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P2009 06A 031For close to three decades, Trans World Radio Kenya has been taking listeners for a walk through the bible through a radio series called 'Neno Litaendelea' (The Word will Continue). The programme is a partnership adoption of Dr. John Vernon McGee’s Through The Bible series (TTB) that has been translated in more than 100 languages and dialects, according to their website, ttb.org.

The programme has transformed and continues to impact many lives. Those whose lives have been changed through the sermons continue to enjoy the benefits of knowing the Lord, as we recently discovered when we received a letter with this testimony from listener who has been listening to the series for decades.

I am a TWR Kenya listener and would like to thank the producers of the Neno Litaendelea programmes for the teachings and lessons delivered through the sermons.

I used to be very bitter with my parents, especially my dad, because in my early life he refused to educate us despite having a stable job.

He spent all his money on alcohol while we struggled in the village where we used to live. We used to go to school barefoot without proper uniform. We would be sent home for school fees and wait for some days. We would then go back to school without any money, because whenever we asked for anything we would be beaten with a metal rod.

After high school, I moved to the capital city in search of a job. It is then that I started listening to the programme. By this time things had changed for my parents. In their old age, they were homeless and living in poverty in the village, while I harboured great resentment towards them in the city. The more I continued to listen to the programme, the more I found myself developing a forgiving heart. Sometimes when I remembered the day’s preaching, I would go to the post office and send money to them. I would buy clothes and other items, then visit them. When I saw the kind of life they were living, instead of anger I felt pity for them. All this was because of the Word of the Lord speaking to my heart, soul and mind through the radio.
I really thank God for his blessings, for I was able to save and buy land for our family - the same land where I gave them a befitting sendoff when the Lord called them home.

I love listening to the programme through a national broadcaster. Nowadays, when time reaches 9:30 am, my wife brings the radio to the farm for us to listen to the programme.