Long live Trans World Radio Africa, the love of my heart

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Radio TWR Malawi 1“Transworld Radio did not only change my life; it shaped my life.”

Throughout 67 years of media broadcast, TWR (formerly Trans World Radio) has changed many lives from darkness to light through Biblical teaching and Gospel messages. However, sometimes we receive message of Godly lives shaped by listening to the Good News on the radio.

A listener from Zimbabwe recently sent us this amazing story of his journey with God through TWR broadcasts:

“I still remember those days in 1982 when I used to carry our portable radio to the fields, or while herding cattle and goats, mainly because I did not want to miss all the programmes on TWR. It used to be on 49 meter band on Short Wave in the morning and 90 meter band in the evening.

“There are many mountains in my home region and so it was that when it was raining, we would take shelter in the caves, still listening to my favourite TWR.

“Some of the boys of my age then did not find it exciting and could not understand how a boy like me would enjoy preaching and teaching instead of music on radio. Well, I wish they had known that my journey of a thousand miles had begun.

“Those were the days of Radio Bible Class, Love Worth Finding, Stuart Briscoe, Chuck Swindoll, Brother Vernon McGee, Dick Saunders, just to mention a few. Radio was personal and very exciting.

“Transworld Radio did not only change my life; it shaped my life. It went on to be my greatest source of inspiration and encouragement when God called me into ministry as a pastor. Along the way I have missed a lot of programmes because of work and other occupations, but TWR has never been knocked off my radar. It still remains my favourite station of all time. I wish I can one day sit down with someone like me and just relive and reminisce those good and golden days.
“Here is a station that I am married to until death do us part. Long live Transworld Radio Africa. Long live the love of my heart!”

How can you be part of someone’s journey with God?

1. Pray for the CHURCH in Africa
2. Pray that TWR can continue to SPEAK HOPE in more than 80 languages in Africa.
3. GIVE HOPE by supporting TWR: https://twrafrica.org/givenow