Shepherdess Comes to Christ, Brings Family - A Story of Hope

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Language: Albanian
Country: Albania

 Fisnike was born in a poor village of central Albania. The entire family of six lives in extreme poverty. Her father travels to Greece each summer to find work; with the earnings he makes, they are able to survive the other seasons...

Finding New Life - A Story of Hope

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Language: Shona
Country: Zimbabwe

 "Several years ago, while traveling to a shop in northern Zimbabwe to buy cement, Douglas was held up by robbers. The men beat him severely, poured acid over his body and left him for dead. Some friends found him and took him to the hospital where he spent an entire year of his life. Douglas endured many operations...

Ethiopian Prisoner Lifted from Mud and Mire - A Story of Hope

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Web small EthiopiaLanguage: Amharic
Country: Ethiopia

 "I am 27 years old and writing this letter to share my experiences and testify to the changes that took place in my life while confined in a prison.

"I was an immoral person doing unlawful things: robbing, stealing, burglarizing, abusing people sexually and verbally, fighting, and so on. I will just share my experience since the time of my imprisonment...

Letting Go of Bitterness Despite Being Violated - A Story of Hope

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Language: Spanish
Country: Cuba


"I give thanks to God for your lives and for the Project Hannah program Women of Hope, which each day is offered over TWR. I am not always able to listen, but when I do I am strengthened...


Seeking a Lost Child - A Story of Hope

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Language: Hindi
Country: India 

It is easy to cry every night when you are born in one of the least-developed villages in Central India. But couple that with rejection and abandonment, and you will likely understand what it is like to be truly lost. In a state such as Madhya Pradesh, nicknamed the "Heart of India" because of its geographical location as well as an overwhelming population of more than 75 million, it is hard to hear the cries of a little orphan girl. This is a story of one such girl.

"I was very young, but old enough to know my mother was never coming back. I waited and waited, clinging to scraps of hope that she might return. But hours stretched into days, days into weeks and weeks into months. The realization set in: My mother had abandoned me...