A Heart Full of Faith - A Story of Hope

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Language: Belarusian
Country: Belarus 

The following is a testimony a man shared during a church meeting when TWR Belarus staff members visited his town in 2013.

"I have longed to meet you for a long time. What can I tell about myself? You are looking at a former alcoholic. I was lost in the darkness of physical and spiritual sin. I hated myself and nurtured suicidal thoughts. And that would have happened. I was like an animal; there was no hope for me. Yet God had mercy on me...

Giving Back After Receiving Blessings

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Language: Quichua
Country: Ecuador 

César lives in Ecuador and listens to the Quichua language version of Women of Hope. He got in touch to share his testimony with Project Hannah, which, in addition to the radio broadcast, sponsors a movement that brings together volunteers to pray for women in difficult circumstances around the world. This story also highlights the advantage that TWR’s audio outreach has in meeting the needs of the roughly three-quarters of a billion people in the world who are illiterate.

I didn’t know how to read or write, but just by listening to the Bible teachings, I have learned to read and now can do it quite easily. When I listen to the programs, I feel like I am in the Lord’s presence – in other words, in heaven. I can’t begin to describe the great joy that I feel.

From a TWR listener in India

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Language: Hindi

Country: India

In India, a society in which people traditionally have been distinguished by social rankings with different privileges, Rani came from a high-caste family that did not know Jesus. In spite of her high social standing, she also had her fair share of troubles. She had two children, one of whom, a daughter, was intellectually and physically disabled.

Things went downhill in 1997 when she and her husband underwent a separation. Living apart from her husband was extremely difficult for her. She even considered taking her own life. Not wanting to burden her elderly parents with her daughter, she contemplated ending it all.

I Have Faith - Story of Hope Angola

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Language: Portuguese

Country: Angola

"Unfortunately, I got married before I met Jesus. Both my husband and I were wicked. We have two daughters together and my husband had seven lovers. He mistreated me, and for revenge I did not feed him.

"One day, I had enough and went looking for something that would help me forget my problems. I thought buying capuca [a homemade fermented drink in Angola] would numb my pain. But deep within my heart, a voice asked, “Will you ruin your life because of one man? What if you become addicted to the drink?” I went home and slept until the next day. The ladies of a TWR Project Hannah prayer group prayed for me and told me about the love of Jesus. Then I accepted him, and by the grace of God I was converted!

Bitterness turned into Forgiveness - South Africa

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1945-SA Testimony small picture

Language: Zulu

Country: South Africa

The media are TWR’s primary points of contact with listeners, but face-to-face interaction, when possible, frequently helps new believers as they begin their walk in the faith.

TWR South Africa recounted the experience of Xolani, who lives close to the ministry offices in KwaZulu-Natal. Natural surroundings of lush valleys and hills supposedly promise a life of peace and tranquility. Not so for Xolani. Her little home has only the bare necessities for daily survival.

Seven years ago her husband suddenly died. During their marriage he was mostly absent from home, was not really interested in the children and did not look after the family well. The only things he left her were rebellious children, struggles and pain.