Meeting God Despite Family's denial - A Listener Story

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Turkey SmallTWR Country Focus: Turkey

“I’m so glad that I found you on radio,” a 23-year-old woman in Turkey wrote to TWR, echoing a common observation included in letters to the ministry. Many listeners say that they discovered TWR programs when they stumbled over them while scanning the radio dial and that they kept tuning in to hear what these speakers of their native languages were talking about.

When she was younger, the woman in Turkey said, she knew nothing about Christianity and her family wouldn’t allow her to research the unfamiliar faith.

Church Isn’t Just for Funerals - A Listener Story

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Mozambique smallTWR Country Focus: Mozambique

A listener in Mozambique wrote TWR’s Project Hannah women’s ministry and global prayer movement to tell her poignant life story. In addition to producing the ministry’s flagship radio programme, Women of Hope, Project Hannah facilitates the meeting of groups in which participants support one another while learning and praying about issues facing women around the world.

"I came to the Project Hannah with the worry of having been abandoned by my husband.  I was not aware that this was a concern for other sisters who were part of the group.

Family Listens Together, Worships Together - A Listener Story

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Eritrea smallTWR Country Focus: Eritrea

The beginning of the story is all-too-familiar: Mom holds the family together, keeps the household afloat and points the children to God’s Word. Dad has different priorities.

The 17-year-old daughter of this family, Ayana,* got in touch with TWR in Africa to tell about her family and its connection to TWR radio programming.

Mom looked after the children and the house, and Dad worked to earn a living.

Train Up Children in the Way They Should Go - A Listener Story

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Venezuela smallTWR Country Focus: Venezuela

A Venezuelan woman named Maria sent email to tell how she became a second-generation rider on the Bible bus – the plot device J. Vernon McGee used in presenting his Thru the Bible series. Her story brings to mind the oft-quoted verse Proverbs 22:6.

"I wanted to tell you that your programme is a great spiritual help to me. My mom always turned on the radio to hear your programme many years ago and made her decision to commit her life to Jesus and follow him.

Feasting on Bible Broadcasts - A Listener Story

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South Africa1 smallTWR Country Focus: South Africa

I LOVE TWR!!! “Why?” you may ask me.

Well, almost two years ago, I had a very serious accident, which left me practically bedridden and with impaired vision for a long time. When I eventually returned home after spending a long time in the hospital, unable to read the Word of God I loved so much and unable to go to church, I turned on my radio, and it was then I discovered TWR by accident while looking for something to listen to.