Daughter-in-Law Discovers Programmes - A Listener Story

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Indonesia Daughter in Law Discovers ProgrammeTWR Country Focus: Indonesia

Waty was deeply burdened because her son had left the faith when he got married.

“It’s a struggle for me,” she explained. “I feel guilty over this. I don’t understand how a person can switch beliefs just like that.”

The situation stirred and encouraged her to stand firm in her faith. Still, as a mother she could not stop worrying about her son and his household.

TWR A Campaign against AIDS Discrimination - A Listener Story

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Ivory-Coast-smallTWR Country Focus: Côte d’Ivoire

The life of a believer in this Western African nation was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with HIV.

“It was hard to accept the verdict, but the reality is that, after the mourning of the news, I had to make a decision: accept my new situation and continue to live or deny it and die,” he wrote to TWR.

 God has taught him that living with HIV is not the end of life.

The Lord Won’t Drop You - A Listener Story

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Czech-Republic-smallTWR Country Focus: Czech Republic

A Czech believer has found immense comfort in hearing TWR’s broadcasts.

She wrote a letter to a local station saying, “Yesterday, when I listened to your program, I could feel the Lord talking to me. I went through different difficulties, and sometimes there is doubt: What if the Lord just drops me?”


Shining the Light on Kabylia - A Listener Story

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North-Africa-smallTWR Country Focus: North Africa

Radio is crucial in reaching North Africans with the gospel. TWR began broadcasting into North Africa in 1965, and today a powerful medium-wave transmitter carries God’s Word into the region.

A Kabyle Berber woman wrote TWR to tell her enthusiastic story of discovering the gospel by way of the airwaves. “Hello, dear servants of God, I am your sister in Christ,” she wrote, adding, “Thank God I found the true path to follow to return to my creator for eternity.”

Christ’s Words Saved His Life - A Listener Story

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Armenia-smallTWR Country Focus: Armenia

Eric was planning to kill himself when he heard some life-changing words over the radio while visiting his aunt.

He heard the commentator say, "For without me you can do nothing," Jesus' words from John 15:5. Eric (not his real name) was astonished.

He listened to the rest of the words: "I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in me, and I in him, bears much fruit."