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Three Bible Drama Series In Three Languages To Reach Africa's Oral Communicators

Web Size Template cttwRecently TWR partnered with Christ to the World Ministries (CTTW) in creating 30 minute radio programmes in three African languages using Bible dramas.

TWR and CTTW both share a common vision of communicating the truths of the Bible to make disciples of all peoples by proclaiming the Gospel of salvation through mass media.

Christ to the World Ministries specialises in communicating Bible truths through Bible story dramas and they provided the content for the new programme series... 

There are three drama series in three languages which are based on the themes of pre-evangelism and evangelism with the aim of helping listeners understand who Jesus is and what He came to do, and ultimately to invite listeners to come to faith in Christ.

The first drama series, called "The Life of Abraham", was translated into Swahili, and started airing on TWR Kenya SIFA FM network the beginning of July 2013. This series consists of 15 episodes of 30 minutes each, which broadcast from Garissa, Lamu, Voi and Lodwar in the mornings. These dramas are based on scripture, and are designed to awaken an interest in spiritual matters and stir within the individual listener a hunger for God.

The second drama series, "The Story of Joseph", has five episodes and has been translated into French, but is still in the production phase. The third drama series, called "Early Prophets of God", is currently in the script-writing phase and also consists of five episodes. This third series has been translated into the Bambara language. "The Story of Joseph" and "Early Prophets of God" will both be broadcast from the TWR transmitter in West Africa.

All three series will run twice consecutively, and further translations will be determined by the feedback received of the positive impact of the stories through listener letters, reports and other forms of feedback.

The power of storytelling is truly remarkable, and missionary organisations such as Christ to the World and TWR have discovered the effectiveness and positive influence that Bible stories can have in revealing the truth of the Gospel. These Bible story dramas provide listeners with an invitation to trust in and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour in a unique and compelling way.


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