TWR Team Trip Blesses TWR Mozambique

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Web Size Template Moz Work TripA TWR team from the United States recently travelled to Mozambique to upgrade the Radio Trans Mundial (RTM) studios at the TWR Maputo National partner office. The team put their various skills to good use and gained valuable insights into the living and working conditions in South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique.

The Lord used Daryl and Carol van Dyken of TWR’s office in America to bring together a dynamic  team that stepped out with initiative and zeal to assist local churches and ministries in Mozambique. The van Dykens previously served as missionaries at TWR Africa for eight years and it was their idea to bring together a work team.  

Ten adults between the ages of 30-60 (four couples and two single ladies) signed up with a variety of skills from electrical, carpentry and painting to ministry qualifications. The team spent five days in Mozambique, working in the blistering heat doing physical labour from 9-5pm with gratitude and servant hearts.

The team accomplished significant things during their five days:

·         Built 32 insulated sound boxes and hung them up in the studios.

·         Added a new wall to a studio to make a double wall  

·         Hung four new doors to make double studio doors

·         Installed fresh air vents with sound barriers

·         Scraped and repainted the walls in the transmitter room

·         Fixed a leaking roof

·         Installed a new air conditioning unit in the Project Hannah office

·         Did electrical work (fixing bad circuits, broken outlets etc.)

“Their worldview has really been opened up. They’ve seen the needs first-hand. The team was overwhelmed with emotion at times over what they saw and experienced,” said Daryl van Dyken.

“Our hope is that they will pray for the work and ministry of TWR, that it will cause a ripple effect as they go back and share with their churches, that they will become financial partners  and that perhaps some may even join the TWR staff and serve with us! There has been so much good that has – and will – come out of this,” concluded Carol van Dyken.