Hope for the Hurting

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IMG 0939-with-captionProject Hannah Event - South Africa

Statistics have confirmed that women are the least valued, the least fed, the least educated and certainly, the least reached with the Gospel in a way that they can understand. The majority of women in this world have lost their God-given dignity as they have been shackled by cultural bias, poverty and ignorance.

These were some of the opening words of Marli Spieker, founder of Project Hannah Ministries (PH), at a special event at the Kempton Park Methodist Church on 21 February 2015.

The theme was ‘Hope for the Hurting’. Over 100 people attended. The group was mostly women but there were some men and a group of pastors from different African countries taking three months’ training at Life School in Kempton Park.

Lyn Burnett, PH Coordinator for South Africa, led the meeting and also spoke about the various projects that Project Hannah South Africa is currently pursuing. She shared the need and the cost to produce a Zulu Women of Hope episode (R1500.) A number of things were put in place for people to respond with their time, talents and finances. An offering was taken up and enough funds were raised at the event to produce three episodes of Women of Hope Zulu! Money tins were distributed to volunteers willing to conduct on-going fund raising. Audio listening devices loaded with Women of Hope radio programmes are also being distributed to prayer groups throughout South Africa. As a result, many PH prayer groups have become Discipleship Groups listening to and discussing the programmes together.

The Kempton Park Methodist Church donated a number of blankets and baby sets for PH to give to those in need. The baby sets were sent to the Tembisa Neonatal Ward for destitute mothers who have nothing in which to dress their babies to go home.

PH Africa Coordinator Ruth Mbennah shared about Project Hannah Africa and the ‘Give Hope’ cards now available; these cards list the prayer needs and issues women face in specific African countries. People can then “adopt” a country by taking a card and praying or giving for these needs.

Content Manager Flora Rittenhouse spoke about Project Hannah’s global prayer ministry. She mentioned that over 40,000 women around the world currently pray through the prayer calendar. 24 hours a day, people from different countries use these calendars to pray.

Flora shared the story of the bead necklace she was wearing, which she received from a PH group in Zanzibar. These ladies recycle the previous month’s prayer calendars to make paper bead necklaces!

Marli ended by sharing her testimony of how God called her to start Project Hannah in 1979, and with a powerful message from the story of David’s faithfulness to the covenant he made with Jonathan in 2 Samuel chapter 9. David gave hope to Jonathan’s hurting son, Mephibosheth, who went into hiding in the land of Lo Debar, which means ‘land of no thing’.

“Can you see God at work using this ministry of hope to change and heal the broken hearted? They find hope and faith to come out of Lo Debar land and to come to the land of joy and hope.”