Radio Church Kits for China

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China church kit-white bgEach week, millions of believers in China gather secretly in house churches and other ways to listen to Bible teaching radio broadcasts from TWR’s powerful short wave transmitter from the tiny island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean.

To supplement our programmes and make it possible for more to listen in rural areas, Trans World Radio (TWR) distributes unique Radio Church Kits to train and disciple believers in house church networks. Each kit includes a quality short wave radio, a Chinese study Bible, study books and programme schedules. You can provide all of these for a gift of R850 to support the distribution of Radio Church Kits. This amount also includes the cost of delivery, often at great personal risk to the carrier. You may help believers in China to not only hear the Gospel but study the Word of God and mature in their walk with Christ by donating one or more Radio Church Kits.

China globeSince 1994, TWR has distributed more than 115 000 Radio Church Kits to help our brothers and sisters in Christ get started. Often these small congregations of eight to ten listeners gather around the radio to worship together and be fed from the Word of God. Many of the house churches of China, particularly in rural areas, lack anyone trained in Bible knowledge or teaching.
Radio Church Kits combined with TWR programmes teach the basics of salvation, examine the problems of daily life, and direct each individual to God’s Word as the source of hope in every circumstance and relationship, no matter how difficult. To give now, go here and then clicking the red R850 button to donate the amount needed for a Radio Church Kit.
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Thank you for your support.