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Are you in the habit of praying for God’s kingdom to come and His will to be done?

If you do, but secretly wonder if God pays any attention to your prayers, you should take heart and be greatly encouraged by what God is doing from TWR’s transmitter site in the small Kingdom of Swaziland.  

From here TWR beams Bible-based programmes in multiple languages to a significantly expanded area and audience in Africa from three 100,000-watt short wave transmitters alongside TWR’s new powerful medium wave transmitter!

On Saturday, 27 August 2016, leaders and staff of TWR joined local guests at the Swaziland site transmitter site to dedicate TWR’s new 100 kW medium wave transmitter to the glory of God.

Since 1974 God provided equipment, upgrades and replacements that allowed TWR to extend its reach deeper into Africa and Asia from Swaziland. 

Now in the year 2016, God once again opened his generous storeroom of provision. Through a station that closed in Germany, TWR was able to purchase a slightly used 100 kilowatt medium wave transmitter, twice as powerful as its predecessor!

Dedication3The launch of TWR’s new AM transmitter with its much stronger broadcast signal came as the result of months of efforts on at least three continents: raising funds in multiple countries, procuring and shipping the equipment from Germany to TWR’s transmitter site in Swaziland.

In his dedication address, TWR President Lauren Libby told the audience that “this place was built on miracles!

“The very sand used to construct the original transmitter site was provided after a downpour of rain. The ensuing flood left enough sand to mix all the concrete needed.”
There was also a miraculous aspect to procurement of the newly installed AM transmitter, Libby added. “Its availability seemed to come out of the blue, announced in a call from Werner Kroemer, TWR Vice President of Operations at the time. Werner phoned from Europe to say that the transmitter manufacturer had called to offer the 100,000-watt AM unit, which was being taken out of service in Germany, at about a tenth the price of a brand-new one!”

TWR is about hard work, innovation and consistency

The work of TWR is characterized by a need for not only innovation, but consistency and presence. It is no small feat to keep the radio broadcasts going day after day, year after year, but the reward God gives is far greater.

Technical teamCountless people across the African continent find our broadcasts and are able to hear life-giving words of truth from the Bible. This “big voice for Jesus from the kingdom of Swaziland,” as Libby dubbed it, will have a potential audience of 25 million. Broadcasting at 1170 on AM, better known in much of the world as medium wave, the transmitter will reach deeper into southern Africa, covering all of Zimbabwe and the southern tip of Malawi to the north and extending east toward Mozambique. Listeners in South Africa will be able to receive a clearer signal.

Technical team - TWR Swaziland transmitter site

As a closing remark, Lauren Libby, TWR President and CEO posed a poignant question, “Can you imagine” he asked, “…if the last unreached person on earth were to hear and respond to the Gospel because of a message transmitted from Swaziland? Now, wouldn’t that be special!”

We praise God for His faithfulness, and thank each of our listeners and supporters who contribute prayer, gifts and those who volunteer their skills to make our Gospel broadcasts possible.

Would you like to see more least-reached people touched by the Gospel? Perhaps, as is true of the Psalm writer of Psalm 108, there lives within your heart an equally strong desire to praise the Lord among the nations of Africa?

“I will praise you, Lord, among the nations: I will sing of you among the peoples” Psalm 108:3.

Is God leading you to become involved in the Swaziland AM Transmitter project today? We would love to welcome you as our partner in the proclamation of the Gospel, from Africa, to Africa and to the very ends of the earth.

Call us today, many lives depend on it!

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Fund Development & Communications Manager
TWR Africa
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