Connecting womens’ hearts to God

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It’s Women’s month in South Africa! We honour our women in Trans World Radio (TWR) Women of Hope leadership and celebrate their achievements. Being a ministry that seeks to bring hope in Jesus to women, TWR Women of Hope has reached out to many around the world and across generations. Be encouraged and inspired as you read their stories of how they help other women to overcome many daunting challenges. 

Dr. Peggy Banks -Global TWR Women Ministry DirectorPeggy

As Jesus commissioned His disciples, “…Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15, TWR Women of Hope Global Ministry Director, Dr. Peggy Banks travels around the world sharing her life testimony to bring a keen understanding and love of ministry to suffering women around the world. She has spoken at national conferences for women in the United States and has conducted cross-cultural leadership training for women in countries such as India, Tanzania, Senegal and Thailand.

Peggy says, “In seminary, God gave me a mission statement for my life. It is, to help hurting women around the world find hope and healing in Jesus. Being with women and working in ministry to women has been on my heart for years.” Each month, Peggy writes to inspire and encourage all who have joined with TWR Women of Hope in prayer.

Philile Bhengu – East and Southern Africa TWR Women of Hope Regional Co-ordinator


Philile Bhengu co-ordinates the East and Southern Africa region. Her role is to support the TWR Women of Hope ministry in various countries.

“My desire is that the gracious Lord helps me fulfill all the good works that I was born to achieve. The book of Ecclesiastes 3:1 says everything has its own season under the sun, and God made them. In my life I have passed through various seasons. Some did not bring good, but God allowed me to experience those trials for the benefit of others who will go through similar difficulties in life,” Philile explains. She adds that women deal daily with issues of oppression, exploitation, abuse, rejection, humiliation, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, domestic violence and polygamy. Also, forced or early marriages are prevalent in some African countries. But Philile accentuates that, “through TWR Women of Hope radio programmes, we provide messages of hope to these women. We do this by creating awareness about these issues, whilst sharing our time, talents, and gifts with them. The aim is to see women set free from all sorts of bondages,” she concludes.

Estelle Ametoglo -West and Central Africa TWR Women of Hope Regional Co-ordinatorEstelle

Whilst co-ordinating the West and Central Africa region, Estelle Ametoglo oversees ministry development and operations in several countries. She also assists with reporting and communicating what God is doing to bring hope to the hearts of women.

“We praise the Lord for the 22 radio stations in Mali airing Women of Hope in the Bambara language. Ivory Coast ladies are producing the Women of Hope French programme that is heard in Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger and Togo,” says Estelle. She adds that women in this region of Africa often suffer from the cultural practices of female genital cutting and child marriages coupled with limited health care that can cause high rates of maternal death. Many of those who survive their pregnancies suffer from the debilitating problem of obstetric fistula. In addition, preventable or easily treatable diseases such as malaria, diarrhea and respiratory infections remain the main killers of women and children.

Connecting to God’s heart

TWR Women of Hope seeks to educate, encourage and equip women to pray, listen, learn, grow and give through media, small group interaction and leadership development. God does not see women as helpless or weak. Instead, He has a beautiful story for each woman as a unique expression of His grace and love, therefore, the ministry is striving to build and equip women to fulfill God’s purposes for them.