TWR Broadcasts to the Yao

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RS3528 Malawi WEBHelp us to understand the better way to God, and that in the end we may meet Christ.”

These are the words of a young Yao man, Abdi* in South East Africa searching for God. He responded to our broadcasts in his heart language (Yao) on Short Wave from our transmitter site in Swaziland.

The Yao population of Southern Malawi, Northern Mozambique and Southern Tanzania numbers 2 840 000** of which less than 2% are Christian. Abdi is just one of those 57 000 Christians.

TWR’s calling is “to reach the world for Christ” using mass media so that lasting fruit is produced. By listening to a programme on the radio, Internet, or mobile phone, people can privately explore the truths of the Bible and what it means to personally know Jesus.

Another Yao man, Shafiq*, asked us to pray with him so that his parents could come to salvation. Pray with us for his parents that they too may find salvation in Jesus via TWR’s radio programmes.

All people need to hear about Jesus Christ and his free gift of salvation. How will they hear if we do not cross the borders created by man?

Radio crosses those borders

TWR founder, Dr Paul Freed said that he was “haunted by the heartbeat of a country (or nation) who have never heard the real Good News of Jesus Christ”. What about the 98% of Yao people who have still not heard of the saving grace found in Jesus Chtist? Pray for them. Pray for TWR’s broadcast to the Yao people that it may reveal to them the only way to God – Jesus Christ.

Abdi and Shafiq are amongst the two million eight hundred thousand reasons why you should prayerfully consider partnering with TWR’s Yao Ministry Project. Over two million Yao speakers still need to hear about Jesus.

You too can be part of reaching the Yao people in the East of Southern Africa by clicking on the link below, and/or praying for the current fundraising campaign for the purpose of continueing to broadcast the Good News to the Yao people. 

To God be the Glory!

*Abdi / Shafiq (not their real name).
** Source: Joshua Project