CELEBRATING THE LIFE OF JESUS – in your heart language!

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The Story of Jesus 4 with languagesIn partnership with Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru), Trans World Radio (TWR) will once again broadcast the story of Jesus this December. Cru offers spiritual guidance, resources and programmes tailored for people from all cultures in every walk of life, while TWR has the capability to deliver that message to millions of people in their very own mother tongue!

TWR is mobilising its global network of radio and digital resources to broadcast and stream The JESUS Film Audio Drama in 99 separate languages during December 2018 (19 languages in Africa). This year, however, The JESUS Film Audio Drama can be heard in 90 minute-broadcasts compared to the 60 minute-broadcasts last year. The online version will also be available on www.twr360.org.


Brandon Neal, Deputy to the US Director of Media Development and Services says this is an audio drama that enable listeners to celebrate the entire life of Christ together as families, friends and neighbours. “It still offers the same teachings about Jesus’s entire life, birth, wonderful miracles, death and His resurrection. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the extended minutes give more in-depth coverage of His teachings and miracles.” He suggests that after listening together, to discuss and consider what Christ is doing in people’s lives presently. “This is a great opportunity for evangelism, growth in faith and getting to know and experience God's love and plan for their lives,” he adds.


The gospel of Luke is the basis for the script, and every word Jesus speaks is a quotation from the Bible. The JESUS Film Project is committed to the vision of the Great Commission as laid out by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:18-20. It is the greatest story of all time to everyone, everywhere, in every language. Founded in 1979 by Paul Eshleman, it has a worldwide impact, from remote villages to a global level.

The aim is to give billions of people the opportunity to hear an audio version of one of the most-watched movies of all time. “We are driven to bring Christ-centered media and tools to the ends of the earth to give everyone, everywhere an opportunity to meet Jesus in their own heart language. An artistically excellent, biblically accurate film about the life of Jesus Christ that could be translated and distributed globally,” Brandon elaborates.


The project is aimed to bring Jesus to 5 billion people by 2025. People are equipped to maximize The JESUS Film Project's tools and resources through digital media. The free JESUS Film Media app provides anyone with an Android or iOS device access to the complete library of The JESUS Film Project—some 66,000 video clips. The corresponding website, www.jesusfilm.org, also allows all users to interact and share best-practices for using the JESUS Film media resources digitally and share the gospel. These efforts are to take the story of Jesus to the unreached people groups of the world.