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Shine Africa Logo 300x300 002TWR’s SHINE Africa event, combining on-air conversation, prayer, testimonials and fundraising will again be on air LIVE next week Tuesday through Thursday, 11-13 June 2019. Last year’s inaugural event wrapped up in celebration mode, with people responding generously. This annual event represents a media-platform bonanza, with radio feeds going out over FM, shortwave, satellite and digital outlets. Listeners will get an opportunity to call and tell their stories, express their appreciation for gospel broadcasting and, in many cases, pledge financial support for the ministry. It will be a great time of on-air sharing and praying and listeners are invited to participate generously in the ministry opportunities that TWR Africa is involved in.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:16 that we are to let our light SHINE before others so that God can be glorified, and that is what SHINE Africa is all about – glorifying God!

Lauren Libby, President and CEO of TWR, will once again serve as one of the on-air presenters during the broadcast event. He will be joined for the live broadcasts by TWR Chief Content Officer, Jon Fuglar from the US, and TWR Africa’s well loved 100% Worship presenters Unathi Sithole, Thulani Mdletshe and Marinus Geyser.

The broadcasts can be heard on Short Wave from 07:00 to 09:00 and simultaneously on DStv audio channel 855 from 07:00 to 09:00, inviting listeners to become part of the ministry financially and to celebrate what God is doing through the listeners and ministry of TWR Africa. Listeners will be able to engage through phone calls and WhatsApp messages.

We can't wait to hear from you during the SHINE Africa broadcasts. +27 72 641 4475 – this is the TWR Africa WhatsApp number you must save on your phone today! Send a text or voice message Alternatively, call us on (+27) 011 069 3800. Tell your friends; YOUR voice may be heard on radio!

Because you are our ministry partner! Yes, you! Through listening, praying and any other participation, you take hands with us and join in the GREAT COMMISSION of our Lord Jesus to reach our communities, our country and the whole world. Be excited; be in prayer, as we prepare our hearts for TWR Africa's SHINE Africa, June 11h to 13th - ONLY on TWR Africa."