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Rev Collins Boadi 1Much of the world knows the acclaimed Thru the Bible program created by the late Dr. J. Vernon McGee as a half hour of rock-solid Bible teaching that airs over the radio. In the West African country of Ghana, however, the daily Thru the Bible broadcast has been transformed into a three-hour community event. And it’s a community event that takes place before most people even crawl out of bed – from 3 to 6 a.m.! This theological, social, and even fun and slightly competitive phenomenon is largely due to the efforts of Collins Boadi, a radio pastor at the Oyerapa FM station in Kumasi.

Boadi built the daily production around the Twi-language version of Dr. McGee’s comprehensive series of Bible studies. Over a 43-year partnership with the Thru the Bible ministry, TWR has translated, broadcast and distributed the popular program to local stations in more than 100 languages. The program is also widely and affectionately known as TTB. The radio pastor said he fell in love with the TWR ministry and became involved with airing Bible Mu Nante, which is Twi for Bible Walk, in 2014.

“One of the greatest influences in my life is the TTB program,” said Boadi, who has been involved in the radio industry for the past decade. In addition to the quality of TTB itself, Boadi’s passion directly accounts for the success of the broadcast in this part of Ghana. He doesn’t simply air TTB; he transformed his unique program that wraps around TTB into a Bibleschool series followed by a time of fellowship. The overall program is called Ehan Bi Apue, or The Light Has Shone.

The Oyerepa FM Facebook page streams the live program, including the subsequent Bible quiz and interactive session. The love for the program is evident in that thousands of Twi speakers in Kumasi are awake every day from 3 to 6 a.m., following the live streaming on Facebook. It has created an inspiring sense of
Photos contributed by TWR Africa community event Bible studybecomes community among the listeners, who phone in from all over the city and post their comments on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Boadi serves as head pastor of the Ghana branch of Kingdom Temple International in Kumasi. He is married to Gladis Boadi, and they have five children.
The 43-year-old evangelist said he accepted Christ at age 7 and has served the Lord Jesus ever since. 

“I started to preach in schools at the age of 9 with a friend and brother, Godfred Adomako. When I was 15 years old, we started to preach at market centers. We continued preaching in schools and markets until I traveled outside Ghana at the age of 27. When I returned two years later, we continued.”

Boadi’s passion for Scripture and preaching carries over into his ministry off the air.
“I have held more than 200 crusades in and around Kumasi and still hold crusades every year,” he said. “In fact, I preach salvation messages anywhere the opportunity presents itself.”
His goal is to preach in villages, towns, cities and countries where people haven’t heard about Jesus Christ or have little knowledge about him.
The success of his morning Facebook program grabbed the attention of TWR’s West Africa office. David Irondi, assistant to the West Africa ministry director, visited Kumasi in 2018 and took part in the live program.
“We received a cross section of the TTB Twi listeners who came from all over Kumasi and the surrounding towns,” TWR’s Irondi reported. “It was a glorious and wonderful time of fellowship.”

“Unfortunately, when I left Kumasi to return to my town, I cannot tune in to the programs. But I deliberately came back to Kumasi again to spend a few more days, just to listen to more of your teachings. I would appreciate it if you could send me some of these programs on a USB flash drive. I am greatly edified every time I listen to these teachings! May God bless you and the Bible Mu Nante people.”
Another wrote, “Pastor, God bless you and your team for bringing such a program. I was having a problem with my wife, but after [the lessons about] the books of Revelation and Daniel, now we are together. Thank you and God bless you.”
To Boadi, these results indicate that gospel media are making a difference, but there’s much more to be done.
“TWR programs are really educating people and drawing souls to Christ in Ghana,” he said. “I think adding even more languages will help meet the goals of TWR.”