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IMG 20190816 WA0031“I have learned new skills and communication techniques that will assist me with helping women who are vulnerable or victims of abuse and violence. I feeeceived is a powerful tool for me and I truly believe it will assist women with permanent recovery and help them know that Jesus loves them. It gave me a broad education that sharing Bible verses is the best resource available to assist other women that I interact with. The training was a great way to refresh my perspective,” says Fikile Ngcobo of KZN, a leader for an Evangelism Team of the Apostolic Faith Mission Church, “and ‘re-charge my battery’ to continue to bring hope and comfort to victims of violence.”

Also excited about the Magdalena training is TWR Women of Hope Regional Coordinator – East & Southern Africa, Philile Bhengu. “I can see that the Lord is exposing me with so much information that I can use to help women who are in need. There are so many people out there who are willing to serve the Lord but they do not know how or where to start. It was a privilege for me to be part of the Magdalena training because I can now train women so that they can train others or be active instruments in their communities to reach other women for Jesus,” she says.

TWR Women of Hope is a ministry of Trans World Radio (TWR) seeking to bring hope in Jesus to women around the world and across generations. In 2007 TWR Women of Hope was invited by Campus Crusade for Christ to turn the film “Magdalena: Released from Shame”, produced by The Jesus Film Project, into an audio drama series. The latter opened a new way for prospective audiences to experience Mary Magdalene's story and learn how Jesus values women.

IMG 20190818 WA0002 1Magdalena is the brainchild of Willie and Marie Erasmus. According to Willie, God inspired him to start this project after his trip to Afghanistan in 2002 where he saw widows abused by authorities and had compassion for those women. “While taking part in a humanitarian relief project I was shocked by the way the women were treated. The women were mostly uneducated, were not allowed to go to school, were not allowed to talk to strangers, and had to be covered from head to toe with no part of the body visible! – How are we going to tell them about Jesus?” The Jesus Film Project saw the need for a movie for women and “Magdalena: Released from Shame” was born.


‘Magdalena’, the compelling film portraying Jesus' compassion for women, has been met with incredible response around the world. “Magdalena” is inspiring women everywhere to realise and reclaim the purpose they were always intended for...to know Jesus, and with loving hearts and a gentle touch make Him known to others.

This movie includes a 90 minute version of ‘Magdalena’, as well as the original 82-minute director's cut. A series of short clips (2-5 minutes) with thought-provoking questions helps viewers to delve deeper into God’s Word to discover hope for their lives.

Marie, the coordinator of Magdalene Oral Story Strategy for Africa, has a team in the USA who developed the Magdalena Oral Story strategy; an interactive training to help women to teach each other in an orally transferable way. By using this method, trainees are challenged to go and make multiplying disciple groups. “They are taught to craft stories and teach others, learning to visualise the different scenes that they are learning about, all taken from the Magdalena, Released from Shame movie. They are taught to craft stories from the Bible as well.” says Marie.

On the first day of training, trainees are taught three stories and then they are challenged to go into the community and share these stories; they go to their neighbourhood for 2 hours and come back with at least 50 people who have received Jesus. By the end of this four-day training they have learned 14 stories and had the opportunity to do four stories using DRAMA. This is the highlight for the participants.

“We have done this training in 26 counties and we have 36,628 people in multiplying discipleship groups,” Marie adds.