TWR’s Ebola on air!

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Ebola 3 resizedTWR hastened to join the battle against the deadly Ebola outbreak by using the ministry’s communication network to spread health information across West Africa. 

The 10th outbreak of the Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been ongoing since August 2018. This is the largest-ever outbreak reported in the country and the world's second largest in history! According to the Ministry of Health, Democratic Republic of the Congo, it has been declared a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern.”

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is grappling with an epidemic causing more than 2200 deaths and over 3300 confirmed infections since the outbreak was declared in 2018. The virus is attacking two provinces of the DRC with neighbouring countries taking steps to mitigate the risk of spread. The World Health Organization has more than 800 staff on the ground supporting the Government-led response together with national and international partners.


The TWR Ebola programme, a joint effort between several ministries, is reaching the people of the DRC affected by the Ebola outbreak. The programme provides useful information and tips on how to prevent infection while at the same time providing insights on God, his care and his love for them. This is the second airing of the TWR Africa Ebola programme. The first airing was for the people suffering from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

The TWR Ebola programme pulls together the efforts of people from many countries as East Africa Ministry Director, Egide Bandyatuyaga explains. “The audience is made of people in towns in North Eastern DRC battling the outbreak of the Ebola disease. The program was ably recorded at TWR Burundi's studios.” Ebola 1 resized

TWR’s national partner in the Netherlands provided funding while TWR Africa arranged for production and broadcast through DR Congo Radio “Voice of Life FM” in Arua northern Uganda, and through the TWR shortwave transmitters in Eswatini.


The Ebola programme went live via FM from Arua, Uganda on Friday, January 24 followed by TWR’s shortwave facility in Eswatini on February 1.

Please pray: 

* Pray for the programmes to impact and heal broken bodies and hearts…

* Pray for donors of the programmes that they continue their support

Source: Ministry of Health, Democratic Republic of the Congo