Giving Hope to a world in need

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Shine 2020 logo 01SHINE 2020 - 24-28 AUGUST 2020

Matthew’s gospel records a beautiful truth which Jesus shared with His disciples, namely that by shining their light before others, they give glory to God! (Matt 5:16).

How wonderful is the thought that our witness glorifies our Father! This is what ultimately lies behind TWR’s motivation to host the annual Shine initiative – we wish to see God glorified!

This year’s Shine annual fundraising event carries the theme “Giving Hope”.

You are invited to participate in this joyful time by sharing your story, pledging your support and delivering your prayer requests. Together our sharing and giving culminates in giving hope to those of our world for whom real hope is more needed than silver or gold.

“It is a great time of on-air sharing and praying” says one of our TWR presenters, “and listeners are invited to participate generously in the ministry opportunities that TWR Africa is involved in.”

At TWR, we openly embrace the belief that God is the owner of everything and that his adopted sons and daughters are the caretakers of what He gives. We therefore present our valued friends and supporters with opportunities to “excel in the grace of giving” (2 Cor. 8:7) through events such as Shine 2020, and to rejoice in the knowledge that they will, in keeping with our Lord’s Great Commission (Matt 28:19) give “cheerfully, not reluctantly or under compulsion” (2 Cor. 9:7).

You are invited! Come along, be ready to share!

Tune in to Shine 2020 through TWR Africa’s broadcast platforms on DStv audio channel 855, the TWR Africa App or through the web site You can also connect with us through social media, ready to share your story, express your appreciation for Gospel broadcasting and where possible, pledge your financial support for TWR’s ministry.

Please join us for Shine 2020 on 24-28 August. Mark it on your calendar and stay tuned to TWR Africa for more information!