TWR Africa Radio Event 'Shines' Bright

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Article written by Jon Hillunathi sithole twr africa 2017

Some refer to TWR Africa's annual Shine event as a fundraiser, but it's a lot more than that.

The third edition of Shine took place Aug. 24-28 and once again was a time of live and prerecorded special programming, of celebration for how the Lord has blessed gospel broadcasting in sub-Saharan Africa, of sharing and prayer by both listeners and on-air guests, and of mutual encouragement throughout this ministry. And yes, the fundraising portion also was important, with more than 130,000 rand (over US$7,800) donated. 

 “This year’s event was a success, because we had a goal of 100,000 rand and, by God’s grace, we achieved that goal,” said Thulani Mdletshe, one of the South African presenters. “It was also very different because we couldn’t generate the usual excitement by having all of our guests in the studio chatting and interacting with listeners live and in real time. Instead, we had to use Zoom to interview people because of the pandemic. Considering that the economy is also struggling, this makes it an even more special that listeners helped us reach the goal.”

Joining Mdletshe on the air were local presenters Unathi Sithole and Marinus Geyser along with guest TWR ministry leaders Jon Fugler, Victor Kaonga, Anthony Barkhuizen, Lonnie Berger and Peggy Banks. TWR President Lauren Libby also took part.

Response from the audience was strong, Mdletshe said, with listeners in South Africa, Malawi, Eswatini and other countries in the region getting in touch. The Shine programming went out over various platforms, including FM, satellite radio, TWR's phone app and