Press Release: Reaching Beyond Barriers

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A new tool available to enahance awareness, prayer and involvement in missions

KEMPTON PARK, South Africa (18 September 2009) - Trans World Radio Africa has published a new missions tool, a book titled Reaching Beyond Barriers - A Legacy of Hope, which challenges people with the reality of the battle being fought on the front line of missions.

Two and one-half years in the making, Reaching Beyond Barriers, takes the reader on a missionary journey through a needy part of Africa beginning in 1954 up to the present day. Closed doors, tragedy and numerous confrontations with the schemes of Satan are a few of the barriers encountered by African Christians and SIM and TWR missionaries determined to see the gospel reach the people of West Africa through radio.

The necessity of teamwork in missions clearly comes through in the book as Malcolm McGregor, SIM International Director, confirms after reading the book: "We have a special partnership with TWR in this [West Africa] ministry. It is wonderful to have that expressed in this book."

The foreword, written by TWR board chairman and former TWR president, Thomas Lowell, states the book is, "a 21st Century missionary journey," as he gives a graphic account of his own travel in West Africa.

Questions facing today's missionaries are confronted head-on in Reaching Beyond Barriers. Questions such as: "Is it okay to ask God why, when life doesn't make sense?" And, "The battle is intense - is anyone holding me up in prayer?" And, "How do I build a relationship with people whose worldview puts up walls?"

At a time when the tight squeeze of a worldwide economic crisis and other devastating world events threatens to pull the individual's focus into himself, the story of West Africa brings an incredible wake-up call to the Church to see the world through God's eyes.

For more information on obtaining a complimentary copy of Reaching Beyond Barriers - A Legacy of Hope, {click here}.

An interview with the author who tells of how she came to write the book and what the reader can expect to find within its pages.