Transforming Africa

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One word summarises the vision of Dr. Emmanuel Mbennah, International Director of TWR-Africa: Transformation.

He says, "We want to have a very significant place as an organisation in contributing towards the transformation of Africa." This word is weighty with meaning, as Dr. Mbennah expands,

"Transformation is comprehensive and wholistic - it touches everything else that is related and it is enduring - once transformed is always transformed ... Change can be very cosmetic and it can be temporal and segmented, but transformation is wholistic, comprehensive and sustainable."

Isaiah 61 paints a portrait of this kind of transformation. Dr. Mbennah sees an Africa where " ... people who were in mourning, are now glad; people who were in shame and disgrace are now experiencing joy, hope and fullness of life, and they constitute a platform for God to be glorified. Other people will see the people of Africa and glorify God."

TWR's vehicle for this transformation is in their programming which Dr. Mbennah describes as "actually transformational." He says,

"We want to make sure our programming is such that it would contribute to transformation. The programmes must not just be filling the atmosphere with waves and signals. We want messages that are actually transformational... So, we want to provide information for life transformation, or life transforming information."

Ultimately, these programmes are for all the men, women, children and youth of Africa, whatever their circumstance - "they may be pastors, they may be politicians, they may be school children, they may be poor or rich, they may be married or single, they may be sick or well, but they are women, men, children and youth." They are the people whom we serve.

According to Dr. Mbennah, the aim of TWR's programmes in Africa is threefold. Firstly, it is to allow the people of Africa to hear the authentic gospel of Jesus Christ in the clearest terms possible. Secondly, it is to give them a very real opportunity to acknowledge Christ as Lord and Saviour. Thirdly, it is there to provide people with the tools they need to grow in Jesus as His disciples.

It is Dr. Mbennah's passion to see long lasting fruit such that "the generations that follow will be referred to as the generations that are blessed of God. They will be generations that are referred to as the servants of God."

Please pray for Dr. Mbennah as he provides leadership to TWR-Africa. Pray for wisdom, strength and joy as he serves God in the capacity of International Director.

Published: 28 October 2010