A New Beginning for TWR Mozambique

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We are pleased to welcome Rev. Salvadore Bacar Catine into the TWR family. He has been appointed into the position of National Director of TWR Mozambique. As a pastor, Rev. Catine has gladly added his unique gifts and talents to the ministry of TWR and we are excited to see what our Lord is going to do through him.

He is married to Rev. Vitoria Armando Chifeche (also a pastor). They have three children, Elizabeth (14 years old), Silvio Thay (12) and John William (10 years old). Rev. Catine is busy completing a master's degree in Missions through the South African Theological Seminary.

Commenting on Rev. Catine's appointment, Dr. Emmanuel Mbennah, International Director of TWR Africa, said, "I sense a new beginning for TWR Mozambique. The national board of TWR Mozambique did a good job in appointing him and we look forward to seeing TWR Mozambique move forward in a fast and great way." Dr. Mbennah is particularly excited about Rev. Catine's close involvement with the church which creates much potential to increase the church's involvement in the TWR ministry.

We asked Rev. Catine what his vision for Mozambique is. Here's what he said ...

"Over the past few decades Mozambique has gone through many challenges, including: the ten year liberation war (1964-1974); a devastating sixteen year civil war (1976-1992); cyclical hunger, high rates of illiteracy (67%), unemployment, natural disasters (floods, draught, starvation), diseases (cholera, malaria, HIV/AIDS), and massive political changes. There is much corruption, criminality, domestic violence, divorce, and drug addiction. The majority of Mozambicans (more than 52%) experience extreme poverty, living on less than US$1 per day. People are stressed and hopeless. For some years it was officially said in the country that 'there is no God.'

"In response to all of this, my vision is to contribute, through TWR (a broad and powerful evangelistic instrument), to the dissemination of prophetic and evangelistic messages that will lead multitudes to reach fullness of life in Christ. I would like to see TWR become an instrument of people's liberation from all evil powers, including poverty."

Please pray with us for Rev. Catine. Ask God to give him wisdom, strength and joy as he leads TWR Mozambique in a new season of ministry. Let us pray also for his family as they embark on this journey together with him.

Published: 28 October 2010