Helping Those Who Help Others

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Burnout! Disease!

Front-line workers on the field are not impervious to these realities. Leaders, pastors, professionals and missionaries are not immune to exiting their kingdom field prematurely due to imbalances in their life and work. Driven people struggle especially to plan restorative recreation into their schedules. Dr. Emmanuel Mbennah, International Director of TWR-Africa, defines restorative recreation as, "resting to regain and restore in order to be more effective and go on longer." In a nutshell, people who are helping others, especially in a cultural context not their own, need a specialised form of assistance and advice.

InterHealth is an organisation that specialises in providing this type of support. They are, "committed to the health and well-being of those making a world a better place."1 They provide, "medical, psychological, occupational and travel health services to support people making a difference internationally."1 Ted Lankester, Director of Healthcare at InterHealth says, "helping to maximise the physical and psychological health of mission partners and volunteers will go a long way in enabling them to fulfil their mission and to reduce the high levels of attrition commonly seen. Most illness which occurs overseas is either preventable or easily curable."1

Supporting those in Christian Mission

InterHealth has been providing wholistic care to mission partners for the past 21 years. In their experience they have discovered that the success of missionaries depends significantly on them being in good health, resilient and well prepared for their work. Through this experience they understand the pressures, demands and spiritual challenges that are unique to Christian outreach and mission. Thus, they are uniquely positioned to help workers mitigate risks and be equipped to go the distance.1

TWR to Broaden their Reach

TWR-Africa has identified a strategic opportunity to broaden the reach, usage and impact of InterHealth's material. Through radio, InterHealth's content can be widely distributed in Africa to people who wouldn't otherwise be able to benefit from it. Instead of having to attend a workshop, people will be able to just turn on their radio. So a pilot project will be conducted whereby a number of programmes will be developed with two focuses:

  1. Programmes to minister to the needs of those who help others;
  2. Programmes to equip churches and leaders to implement health development programmes in their community.

If the pilot succeeds, TWR will determine how to multiply it both in the number of languages and in the delivery platforms. Pray that this collaboration has a powerful impact on Africa.


Published: 28 October 2010