Annual Report: And Then We Were Full!

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The hot summer sun brightened the excited, eager group of TWR staff members as they entered the new building for the first time. Months of prayer and hard work had come to a climax as the TWR Africa Regional Office opened its doors that January of 2002.

Three months later another storey was opened up, completing a building to service the missionary hub of TWR Africa. The studios, offices, meeting and training rooms were ample to see the ministry expand ... and it did expand.

By June of 2010 another anticipated event occurred around the life of the TWR Africa building: a ground-breaking ceremony to expand the building even further because every office is now occupied, with some offices accommodating up to three staff members.

So, what happened?

The TWR-South Africa national office moved into the building, and God grew the ministry ten-fold. "And then we were full!" says James Burnett.1 So we had a problem, the office building needed to grow, and that's just what's happening. An extension with a ground floor and a first floor has been planned, along with a workshop and garage.

The ground floor will accommodate the TWR-SA staff. They require ten offices. That's enough space for their current team with room to grow. The first floor will include an apartment and several guest rooms to accommodate travellers who often come to South Africa for internships, training or meetings.

This type of "problem" is a wonderful problem to have - to know that God is providing so many people for His work here at TWR! The project is undertaken as a joint venture between TWR-ARO and TWR-SA. The proceeds from the sale of the TWR-SA office in Pretoria, coupled with the proceeds of the sale of two TWR-ARO flats, and some fund-raising should do it.

How can you get involved?

Please pray that the TWR-ARO flats are sold soon, and that the necessary funds come in for this exciting initiative to proceed.

1. Technical Services Director at TWR ARO

Published: 20 October 2010